What type of Punctuation am I?

I am a semicolon (;) . I am going to be honest I don’t really know what a semi colon does but it is powerful and you know it. This is because a semicolon seems like a very fierce punctuation this may sound a little odd but after a semicolon anything could lay on the other side. Especially in a story, a semicolon gives me a little shiver down my back. You never know if something bad will happen or good and even after you work up the courage to read it is an instant hook like you just want to know how the scene plays out. For example, “These cold winter days were bearable but the walks my parents would make us go on were miserable on those cold Sundays in January; this one was different.” Does that not want you to read more!! Although I just came up with this it was powerful. It just captures the magic of a semicolon. You may be wondering what this has to do with me? Well, I like to think of myself as unpredictable although I have a bad habit of being indecisive I like to think that is because the world could not be able to handle the decisions I make or chose to say so I just chose to be cautious and blend in.

A Well Over Do Movie Report!


If you have read some of my previous posts you would know that I did somewhat of a movie report! That was about 3 months ago! Sorry for the wait but here we go. Some Movies I have previously watched include Rampage and Ready Player One ( both PG-13)  out of the two I would have to say that Rampage is my favorite! Maybe because  Dwayne Johnson aka one of my favorite actor is starring in this movie. I also recently have watched the movie Ocean’s 8. This movie is by far one of my top 10 movies! It is so good and if you don’t know about the movie or background pretty much in 1960 the first movie Oceans 11 was about this man Lewis Milestone made a movie with a bunch of people and it was about Danny Ocean ( Frank Sinatra )  and like 4 other  dudes how did a huge heist at 5 casinos on New Year’s Eve  and pretty much got away with it and that movie was a block buster and so obviously people mad spin offs like Ocean’s 12 and 13 etc. but they were all with men staring and pulling all of this off so in 2018 they made another spin off but this time it was starring all women including Sandra Bullock , Anne Hathaway and Rihana!! it was such a good movie and was really intriguing!! So there you have it folks my 3 movie request for this month.

I will try to keep on top of these next month!

-Adiós, Leila

Daily Habit

To start this post off right I would like to talk to you about how my class did planks every day and got up to 3 minuets and 40 seconds. This was part of our daily habit and every two days we would go up 10 seconds. Towards the last week we went up 10 seconds every day. In the end, we timed ourselves individually and saw how long we could plank for; I planked for 2 minuets and 8 seconds. It may not be that long, but I am really proud of my self and this daily habit has affected my new daily habit as well.

For my new daily habit, I am working out and stretching  every day, I am also trying to drink a lot more water, this daily habit my be strange but it is something I need to work on, this may be just me but I don’t drink a lot of water throughout the day which is not good considering I play soccer and I am constantly either working out or doing something that requires energy and stamina. This ties into my stretching everyday. Since I’m a soccer player, I have to make sure that I am all stretched out and my body is warmed up before playing so at practice we do  our warm up but also at home I stretch just to keep my body on a consistent schedule. Another  habit I want to start to incorporate in  my daily habit is to practice volleyball for at least 10 minuets everyday! Lately I have been really interested in  volleyball possibly due to the fact that I have been watching an anime about it but either way it is really cool. Do you think I should start practicing volleyball?

Tell me what you think, and this month I have a movie review coming soon so stay tuned for that!

That’s all folks See ya🤗




Wisdom Tale Comic

So this is my wisdom tale! It’s called The Wise Master, and it is a story from India, if you’ve read it you would know that the moral is do the right thing even if no one is watching.

What is a Wisdom tale?
A wisdom tale is a story with a moral, and they’re are normally pretty old and have been changed before being written down. Also, every wisdom tale is from a certain place for example mine is from India but we don’t know we’re exactly.

The reason I chose this wisdom tale is because it looked really fun to draw,( it was a lot!) and the story was kind of a twist to it. The app I used to create this comic is Sketchbook which is a cool drawing app and Comic Life which has a lot of formats to create a comic. So all o had to do is draw on Sketchbook and insert the photos on Comic life and I would have to do this step about 5 times.

What Interests me

Let’s get straight to the point I have very few interests. I don’t know why, just I don’t. But there are a few that I think are pretty cool. For example, soccer. You may have already hear about me loving soccer but I truly do I’ve been playing for as long as I was the right age to be on a team. Another one of my interests is watching movies. You may have read my previous movie report (which I’m going to update soon!) and I really like watching movies. I also like going on car rides in the evening, during the summer me and my sister would go on like 45 minuets car rides to a certain bridge were you can see really pretty sunset views and we’d just roll down the windows and jam out to a bunch of songs! And last but definitely not least I like to sleep, yes it is one of my hobbies but I like to stay up late and sleep in late it’s just the best feeling when you get up and THEN go BACK to sleep 😌 it’s one of those things we’re it’s really hard to explain you just have to be in the moment.

This wasn’t the longest blog post but those were some of my very random interests.

My online remote week


During my remote week after Thanksgiving on Monday I made a strategy. I told myself to go through the day and I find  what works best for me, later that day I went over everything and found out that going through all my classes and doing the work form the order the longest or whatever requires the most work to the work that I can knock out in less than 15 minuets. This worked really well for me because it allowed me to work at my own pace. With some classes I made the exception of doing the work later in the day just because I have more of my “creative flow” in the later evening and so writing things was just easier. I have no idea why it just works. Some tips I have for anyone on doing work online is to find what works best for you and to try to knock out the work you know you wont want to work on later sooner in the day, just to get it out of the way. Another tip I used was to listen to music! it really helped me be in a good mood, I just found a playlist I liked and put on my headphones and cranked  out work, this may work for you but it may not I know that some people cant focus when playing music so an alternative is put on a timer for about 20 minuets or however long you want and try to get as much work for a certain subject as you can, its a really good motivator from my experiences. So if you are looking for some tips that this was the post for you!!

Hope you got some ideas from this and have a nice day!! 🙂


My own photo. Soccer cleats, and Airpods


Some things that I’m grateful for include music and  soccer also fashion. I really am grateful for music because there is a song for everything and there are so many different artist to listen to! Some of my favorite artist include: DaBaby and Billie Eilish! They are pretty different but I love there music. I’m also grateful for soccer because well I’ve been playing it for my whole life. My brother started when he was young and was always wanting to do whatever my siblings did so naturally I started soccer. I am currently playing 08’ gold which is a pretty good team! I really love these two things and am really grateful for that. I also am grateful for my friends and family, my friends because they’re just fun. I’m also not just talking about my friend I’m also talking about my older siblings friends. I’ve known them for a really long time and they are practically family. I’m grateful for family because well, they are my family. Especially my cousins and siblings! They always make me laugh and make life wayyy more interesting, especially because they are all older than me so like half of them can drive which means late night stops for ice cream and going to get food! It Awesome!!!!


What I’m Reading!

Hi everyone!

Today I’m going to tell you what I’m reading.

I am currently reading They Both Die at the End bay Adam Silvera. So far I haven’t gotten to far in the book but I really like it! I am reading it on Sora the app. Although I haven’t gotten into too much of the book, I really would encourage you to read it! Here’s why, one you can tell that the author really took some time on the main character. Two, you don’t have to now what happens in the end the title tells you. Three, the cover is SICK! It show death behind them in their shadow!

What I Notice


I always notice the oddest things. I can identify most things by smell and I can feel emotions. Like quite literally I can feel hat your feeling no matter how hard you try to hide I can feel it. It can be a blessing or a pain whether your in a good mood it affects me. The first thing I notice is how you smell and what your center feeling is. By that I mean are you chill, anxious, annoyed, I feel it all. I started noticing this when my dad would get mad at me it always got me really anxious. I always felt like when he was mad it would make me mad. It’s weird but it’s helpful! So is my smell thing I can identify breakfast  food, sausage, eggs, cereal, oatmeal you name it and I can probably identify it. I normally notice if I am going to be friends with you or not it may sound mean or judge mental but it just keeps my personal circle clean.




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