What I Notice


I always notice the oddest things. I can identify most things by smell and I can feel emotions. Like quite literally I can feel hat your feeling no matter how hard you try to hide I can feel it. It can be a blessing or a pain whether your in a good mood it affects me. The first thing I notice is how you smell and what your center feeling is. By that I mean are you chill, anxious, annoyed, I feel it all. I started noticing this when my dad would get mad at me it always got me really anxious. I always felt like when he was mad it would make me mad. It’s weird but it’s helpful! So is my smell thing I can identify breakfast  food, sausage, eggs, cereal, oatmeal you name it and I can probably identify it. I normally notice if I am going to be friends with you or not it may sound mean or judge mental but it just keeps my personal circle clean.





Hi people,

Let’s talk about movies. Movies are awesome. My favorite movie at the moment is Maze Runner. Due to COVID 19 I’m supper bummed out on not being able to go to the movie theaters. Whoever came up with the end of the world apocalypse movie genera are AWESOME!!

The whole exhilarating moment when you think someone is like almost dead and then the saving the world! Ahhhh its great. Movies are super cool because its like the actor just completely changes my favorite actors include; Zendaya and  Anne Hathaway. Now that you know what my opinions on movies are I hope to be able to do monthly catchups!