The Writing Process With Frances Dowell

For the last couple of month my peers and I have been working on creative writing through stories. For me, it has been a serious challenge getting through all of the part Mrs.Dowell has showed us about a story such as background  check ,opening action scene, sticks and stones, monster problem and lastly the resolution. For me this whole journey has been really difficult because like others I have gotten stuck on multiple occasions and constantly thought that my story wasn’t going anywhere interesting. It got to the point were I was just writing the story and just letting the ideas flow. After I realized that a lot of authors do that with there writing I felt a lot more confident and inspired.😎

Somethingsthat really helped me get back into the flow of writing was reading other books 📚. This helped me tremendously because I could get a feel of different writing styles and different problems that I could switch up and incorporate into my story! I also would frequently watch random episodes of shows just to get more inspiration and use it was well. On some occasions, I would look at that journal I have full of random dreams I have had and I would get a lot of inspiration from that as well as little details.

When I was first told that we were going to share our stories with Mrs.Dowell I was really scared because a published author is going to listen to a bunch of 12-year-old read there stories. I don’t know about you but the thought of that still makes me nervous. But once I figured out that she wouldn’t be criticizing or being mean to us I calmed down and though about how lucky we were to have a published author listen to our stories and give us feedback! The feedback I received was that she really liked my background check because you could really get a feel for what each of my characters were like  and you could tell how my main character felt about her brother and her relationship with her dad. When she first said this I was filled with pried because I have never really like d how my writing sounds but have been told I am good at it. I have always had mixed feeling when it came to writing so when she told me this I instantly had a confidence boost!

The foundation we started on when first starting to write our stories were ‘What if…?’ Questions such as ‘ What is a girl could talk to the moon’  we were first introduced to this by having to take three of our favorite Disney movies and change up the way the story is told and make what if questions off of that. The three movies I chose were, Atlantis, Princess diaries and beauty and the beast. This really helped me because I  could  miss-match and decide which plots worked and figure out what I liked.

The different components in a story surprised me in number. I always though you just had an intro and middle, conflict and then end it! But there are actually different steps and levels you have to a good story and it surprised me how I never noticed this in a book but one I knew what the plot was i could identify the monster problem and get a sense for when the story would end.

This journey has been a full roller coaster and in a way  enjoyed every wall  faced and how every time I could get out!

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