When we were reading the book The Westing Game, we started to talk about the stock market. We started to talk about how the market works and the rules about it. So we had a challenge, whoever can spend $20,000 fake dollars in stock money and gain the most wins! Well I spent $19,999.99 (pretty proud of that)!! Some of the stocks I invested in were

The Boeing company
S&P 500
General Electric company
revolution acceleration corp

Each stock has an abbreviation for example apple is APPL and the Boeing company is BA and so much and so froth.

In total, we checked our stock every Thursday, and if we gained money we would write it on an index card and logged it. In total I only lost money once, it was only $90. But it was always fun to come in the morning and have a bunch of mixed emotions came mostly happiness because I kept on gaining money.

All in all I think that even fake investing in the stock market it was still a really cool experience.


Leila N.

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