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Window or Mirror?


Today I am going to talk to you about the book I am currently reading called Radio Silence by Alice Osman and if it is a window or a mirror.

What do I mean by a window or mirror you may ask? Well a mirror is when you can reflect on something and you can relate to what is happening or in this case what you are reading. A window is when you are looking into a  different life from a different perspective.

Radio Silence is about Frances Janvier who is a 17 yer old  British-Ethiopian girl who also happens to be head girl with her mind set on going to Cambridge a prestigious school in the UK. Hanging out with friends aren’t her main focus but somehow still has some who invite to go hang out one night. Although she already knew Aled Last, her meeting him that night felt new. Is it because she could finally be herself? or something else? Those 6 words changed everything. Is he…? Debating if she should tell him what he said the morning after or keeping there awkward friendship where it is. After all if she tells him then she’ll have to out herself.

This book is a window for me on multiple occasions even though I can sometimes see myself in Frances; it’s little moment. For example, I am not British-Ethiopian but I am Mexican and black, and I do like to draw when inspiration sparks and I don’t like to share my drawings. I would rather hang out with friends than be studying and school isn’t my top priority. Although we clearly have our differences on the outside, it is still fascinating to have a sense into someone else’s life and everything they go through. For me, although I am still reading this book it is fascinating seeing these little emotions that I thought were special to me now being shared with Frances. And the nagging feeling of not being able to let something go until I know the answer. Those annoying gut feelings and problems make this a clear mirror for me.

What are your thought on this?

-Adios, Leila






What I’m Reading!

Hi everyone!

Today I’m going to tell you what I’m reading.

I am currently reading They Both Die at the End bay Adam Silvera. So far I haven’t gotten to far in the book but I really like it! I am reading it on Sora the app. Although I haven’t gotten into too much of the book, I really would encourage you to read it! Here’s why, one you can tell that the author really took some time on the main character. Two, you don’t have to now what happens in the end the title tells you. Three, the cover is SICK! It show death behind them in their shadow!