My own photo. Soccer cleats, and Airpods


Some things that I’m grateful for include music and  soccer also fashion. I really am grateful for music because there is a song for everything and there are so many different artist to listen to! Some of my favorite artist include: DaBaby and Billie Eilish! They are pretty different but I love there music. I’m also grateful for soccer because well I’ve been playing it for my whole life. My brother started when he was young and was always wanting to do whatever my siblings did so naturally I started soccer. I am currently playing 08’ gold which is a pretty good team! I really love these two things and am really grateful for that. I also am grateful for my friends and family, my friends because they’re just fun. I’m also not just talking about my friend I’m also talking about my older siblings friends. I’ve known them for a really long time and they are practically family. I’m grateful for family because well, they are my family. Especially my cousins and siblings! They always make me laugh and make life wayyy more interesting, especially because they are all older than me so like half of them can drive which means late night stops for ice cream and going to get food! It Awesome!!!!


What I’m Reading!

Hi everyone!

Today I’m going to tell you what I’m reading.

I am currently reading They Both Die at the End bay Adam Silvera. So far I haven’t gotten to far in the book but I really like it! I am reading it on Sora the app. Although I haven’t gotten into too much of the book, I really would encourage you to read it! Here’s why, one you can tell that the author really took some time on the main character. Two, you don’t have to now what happens in the end the title tells you. Three, the cover is SICK! It show death behind them in their shadow!