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My Daily Habit

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Hi people!

I’m going to be talking about how my daily habits have been this year. It starts with when we did planks in Language Arts class. They were to show us daily habits and compound effect and in the end I could plank for 2 minuets and 20 seconds‼️

After that we got to choose out own daily habit in January and I chose to workout everyday and drink water everyday. It really help in a sense  that drinking water is really hard to stay on top of but helps with headaches and that working out is calming for me when I’m stressed. Working out has always been a part of my daily habit I’m naturally a pretty fit person so you would think I also drink a lot of water but really the opposite. For me its a hard habit to keep up with and I get headaches a lot from that but in January I barley had any! I’m still working on drinking water and hope to get better 🤞🏽

But for February my new daily habit will be to read every day. I already do but I want to be able to read for a longer amount of time. If I’m invested in a book I can read it in like 30 minutes depending on how long it is, but I found a new author who I really recommend is Alice Osema. She is from the UK if I remember and she is just phenomenal. So far I have read her series Heartsopper and am currently reading Radio silence. But she truly is amazing.  So I want to read as many of her books I can!! which is why I am going to be reading even more than I already do to  build up my endurance and to expand my vocabulary and my book genre interests. 📚 

Daily Habit

To start this post off right I would like to talk to you about how my class did planks every day and got up to 3 minuets and 40 seconds. This was part of our daily habit and every two days we would go up 10 seconds. Towards the last week we went up 10 seconds every day. In the end, we timed ourselves individually and saw how long we could plank for; I planked for 2 minuets and 8 seconds. It may not be that long, but I am really proud of my self and this daily habit has affected my new daily habit as well.

For my new daily habit, I am working out and stretching  every day, I am also trying to drink a lot more water, this daily habit my be strange but it is something I need to work on, this may be just me but I don’t drink a lot of water throughout the day which is not good considering I play soccer and I am constantly either working out or doing something that requires energy and stamina. This ties into my stretching everyday. Since I’m a soccer player, I have to make sure that I am all stretched out and my body is warmed up before playing so at practice we do  our warm up but also at home I stretch just to keep my body on a consistent schedule. Another  habit I want to start to incorporate in  my daily habit is to practice volleyball for at least 10 minuets everyday! Lately I have been really interested in  volleyball possibly due to the fact that I have been watching an anime about it but either way it is really cool. Do you think I should start practicing volleyball?

Tell me what you think, and this month I have a movie review coming soon so stay tuned for that!

That’s all folks See ya🤗